Why do we do what we do?

Jesus said: “Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in the Spirit and in truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks.”

John 4:23

In the Bible we don’t find any other thing that God expects from man. The commandment in the Old Testament says: Worship the Lord, your God, while the New Testament gently admonishes us to” not forget to congregate”.

We understand that some of the people have been going to church since their childhood, while others are not that confident in starting to attend a church. We welcome everyone and would like all comers to be comfortable, therefore here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

Do I have to be “good” to enter/join the church?

ECC Plovdiv is a place where you can learn who God is, what His standard is and what He expects from us as revealed in the Bible. We presume you don’t have the answers to all these questions, and you’ll be in good company. We suppose some part of your life is a mess, and it is one of the reasons for you to seek a church! If you look for people who are recovering from “their failures”, that’s us. We are not “perfect”, we still fail even though we try to cover it up, however we repent of our hypocrisy. We are a congregation of people who are in process of changing. We do not seek God because we are “good Christians”, but we seek grace because we are “miserable sinners” beloved by God.

What is the service like?

The service order is called liturgy/mass. The order is a major and ancient model intended to remind us of the Gospel or Good News every week. We pray, sing, profess our faith, and confess our wrong doings. Our pastor preaches from the Bible for about half an hour. Often the church members share a meal together. We sometimes stand, other times we are seated; we can read the Bible out loud together or contemplate in silence. Usually the pastor leads the service and instructs us what follows. The aim of all these things is to help us to honor God, know Him better and respond to His patience with humility and awe. If you would like only to be a spectator, you could sit in the balcony or near the door so that you are able to leave at any time, if you are not comfortable enough to stay.

What are the songs and music?

During our worship service, we sing spiritual songs that have been sung for ages by our congregation, and which are rich in content, and also we sing contemporary songs composed in the recent years. We sing to express our gratitude and homage to God. The singing is usually accompanied on the piano or organ.

Am I expected to participate in donation?

Every week in the service during the last song, donations are collected, sometimes referred to as the “communion plate”. It is a part of our worship as a church and an opportunity to express our faith and dependence on God. God provides for us, and as a token of gratitude, we donate a portion of these means to the church for covering the expenses like heating, lighting, repairs, etc. Any visitor can voluntarily take part in contributing to the communion plate, while it is a duty and privilege for the church members.

What clothing am I supposed to wear?

Formal wear is not required, the important point is that clothes you wear should be clean and neat. Provocative apparel is unwanted in the church.

Can I bring my children?

Yes! God commands us to teach our children His truth, and there is a Sunday school for children in our church. The classes are in three age groups. Children are introduced to the Biblical truths with the help of pictures and stories. During the service, when the sermon begins, for the youngest there is a separate nursery room.

What is Sunday school for adults?

Studying God’s Word is vital for every Christian because in it God has revealed His will. He has given us instructions, promises, encouragement, and training in righteous. Through the Bible we get to know the God Almighty; we learn to trust and to submit to Him; we grow wiser and better.

In the haste of daily life we often fail to spare time for studying the Scriptures, which is why the church offers various classes to facilitate our learning and for a better understanding of the Bible.

Why is there a service in English?

Many foreigners live in Plovdiv and they seek to have community and convenience to cherish the Lord in their own language. It is also an opportunity for those who need to practice their English language skills – they can listen and speak in English there.

What is church membership?

It is a Biblical principal but with a modern application. The Bible speaks about covenants. God relates to man always through a covenant. Everyone knows about the Old Testament and the New Testament. Christ enters into a covenant with each believer, which endows the latter with rights and obligations. The covenant is a kind of contract. Each believer, entering into a covenant of obedience with Christ is granted also the privilege to be part of the visible church. There are many churches in the world. By becoming a member of a given local church, the believer enters into a covenant that this shall be the community of believers with whom he shall congregate for worship and conjoined Christian life, shall be accountable before them for his life, and shall support the life of the community with all his efforts.

What is your relationship to the Sunshine House?

The Sunshine House is a project started by our church members. Through this project they wish to serve the public by offering high quality education for young children with a low tuition fee. The teachers are all educators who reflect the Christian doctrine in their attitudes and teaching practice.


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