Evangelical Congregational Church - Smirnenski

In this church we preach Christ, we worship the Father and we are sanctified through the Holy Spirit. We are a community who gathers to worship God and fellowship together. We are a church plant under the guidance of the Evangelical Congregational Church in Plovdiv. We also participate in some of the activities at the Plovdiv Church, which is located at 21 Lady Strangford. These activities include Men’s meetings, youth ministry, and summer activities such as picnics and excursions.

Our goal is to assemble people together for the glory of God. Smirnenski church, like the area of Smirnenski, is a diverse community consisting of many different people groups. The Bulgarian people have welcomed English speakers from all over the world with the local Medical Universities being taught in English. This church is bilingual offering the worship service in Bulgarian and English. Translators are used in each service to be sure everyone can understand the words of our worship. Sunday worship is at 6:00. You are invited to attend the Saturday night bible study in English from 6:30 till 8:00. Come and join us for a time of fellowship before and after service where we can get to know each other a little better over a cup of tea or coffee.

We believe people should “come as you are” you have the option to dress up or not. All are welcome here.


Address: g.k. Hristo Smirnenski, ul. "Tsarevets" 9, Plovdiv +359 882 480 711


4000 Plovdiv
21 Lady Strangford Str.


Email: info@ecc-plovdiv.com
Phone: +359 878 450 011