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We serve God, we build one another up
and lead people to Christ!

Evangelical Congregational

Sunday Worship

10:00 - ul. "Lady Strangford" 21, Plovdiv
18:00 - ul. "Tsarevets" 9, Plovdv

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IBAN: BG51 PRCB 9230 1029 543411


Dear brothers and sisters,
Christ is risen! The resurrection of Christ is the proof that all of Jesus' claims to divinity are true. The resurrection of Christ is the basis of Christian forgiveness, justification, freedom from condemnation, and fear of death; a reason for a new and holy life for everyone who has experienced his encounter with the living and risen Jesus. In May we will transfer to the New Testament and study the Epistle to the Romans together. In it the apostle presents us with a complete and profound study of the Christian faith.
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01 MAY
10:00h - The Good News - Romans 1: 1-17
04 MAY
10:00h - Prayer group
07 MAY
09:30h - Only for men
08 MAY
10:00h - God's wrath - Romans 1: 18-32
11 MAY
10:00h - Prayer group
15 MAY
10:00h – Repentance - Romans 2: 1-16 - Georgi Boev
18 MAY
10:00h – Prayer group
22 MAY
10:00h – Origin and salvation - Romans 2: 17-29
27 MAY
10:00h – Prayer group


Summer activities



At the beginning of the summer, the church organizes a program in a park for five consecutive days. It is tailored for children from 6 to...



Every summer the church organizes a four-day camp open for people of various age – from toddlers to grandparents. We all...

History of ECC Plovdiv

Walking through the center of Plovdiv you may have seen the steeple. You probably have passed by the building many times and wondered if it was open and could you see the inside. You may have wondered how the building came to be built. What exactly is it? This is the Evangelical Congregational Church in Plovdiv and we would like to introduce you to its history, life and activity. Would you invest a few minutes to learn more about one of the most majestic churches of Protestantism in the Balkans?